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Jojoy APK is an Android App Store for Working App and Game Mods

Multiple Play Store alternatives today claim to be the best in providing a top-notch user experience and unmatched mods for downloads. However, once you get onto these platforms, you find yourself face to face with similar problems that you were trying to avoid in the first place. Issues such as ads, dysfunctioning apps, viruses, and poorly written reviews are rampant on these platforms. Therefore, finding the best source of free apps and mods becomes a problematic activity. You’re better off downloading your apps from the PlayStore than settling for a mediocre third-party app store that can give your device viruses and malware.

Such complaints, however, never fell on deaf ears because the creation of Jojoy APK changed the entire game for our games. This premium app store strives to provide users with exceptions app services and a unique user experience on their downloads. Please continue reading to learn more about this platform is and everything it has to offer you.

download jojoy apk latest version for android

What is Jojoy APK?

The Jojoy APK is a free Google Play Store alternative that provides users with popular apps and games for their Android devices. Users can download paid apps for free and access 100% proper functioning mods on this platform. Browse through multiple app categories and download everything for free, including premium apps that would’ve otherwise been priced on PlayStore. Furthermore, unlike various third-party sources, every file in this app store is free of viruses and malware.

App Info

Size25 MB
Last updatedApril 22, 2024

Download Jojoy APK Latest Version for Android

What are some of the features you would like your app store to have? Quality applications, free downloads, virtual incentives, and a unique user experience, right? Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find all these qualities and many others under one rooftop unless you’re dealing with the Jojoy APK. This fantastic app store comes with all paid apps available for free, multiple categories for your software, and ad-less navigation all through the store. Furthermore, users can create a name for themselves on this app store through their contributions and even receive virtual awards as motivation.

Jojoy is the one app store we didn’t know we needed for our Android devices. However, don’t expect the platform to include the mods of all applications since updates are still ongoing. To experience the wonders that this android store offers, download the latest version of the app from this official site.


Download Paid Apps for Free


Google PlayStore has a category in which premium apps are displayed for sale. These applications are rated among the top charts and include various games and software tools. However, the prices tagged onto paid apps usually deter many users from making such purchases due to the fear of buying software that would disappoint them. Furthermore, many users are against using money to download various apps when they can get the modified versions that work just as well and are free of charge.

Therefore, the Jojoy APK is designed to provide users with an alternative premium app store to PlayStore. We are also following the same guidelines as HappyMod in the premium segment. Our platform lets you download and install the mods for all the paid applications free of charge. Save your credit card the pressure of overspending on apps because you no longer have to pay to download any game or premium software again.

Multiple Categories


Like Play Store, the Jojoy app store contains multiple categories from which users can find various apps neatly organized into genres. Whether you’re searching for games or tools, you can find your desired application from the following included genres:


No Ads


One of the most common issues with the apps and games is the presence of many pop-ups and video ads to generate some revenue. Ads are ubiquitous in free apps, and to remove them, you need to purchase a subscription. This requirement is an injunction placed on users. It forces them to choose between enduring constant pop-ups and unskippable video ads and paying for a seamless user experience. It disqualifies the app from being free because users would still have to spend to remove ads.

On the other hand, Jojoy APK and all the mods on the platform are ad-free for all users. Enjoy an ad-less experience with every app downloaded onto your Android device.

Game Record


Imagine an android app store that provides you with an accurate game record for all your games. You sure won’t find that anywhere else. Jojoy tracks the gaming progress of users’ downloaded software from the platform and provides them with accurate statistics, including games played, followed games, and total playtime. Keep track of your gaming progress and find out how you’re doing compared to other gamers on the platform.

Upload Mods


If you’re an aspiring game developer or have worked on mods before, this is your chance to show off your skills. You can upload your mods on Jojoy for the community to interact with. Once your mods have passed the safety check and verified, they will be uploaded onto the platform for others to download. Your name or title will be attached to your mod, and you will also be able to see its stats regarding the number of downloads, votes, and likes that it gets.

This way, you can build a fan base of followers when you upload many mods with a reputation of proper functionality. Similarly, such contributions can earn you a unique identity and various rewards on the platform.

Wish for Mod


Some mods are unavailable or yet to be uploaded onto the Jojoy App Store. Therefore, if you have any mod in mind that’s absent in our store, you can always request for it to be added. Choose a game first, select the required tags, or state your specific needs about the mod you desire. After that, you can submit your wish and wait for feedback.

Users have an unlimited wish trial; however, you can only make one wish for the same game every day. The developers will work on those wishes with the most recommendations by users, and once your mod is ready, you’ll receive a notification informing you of its arrival.

Become Jojoy Reviewer


Reviewers are an essential aspect of any app store. Like in the PlayStore, users can review various apps and games on Jojoy. This enables other new users to a specific application to get a hint of what to expect with the targeted app. However, unlike Play Store, whose reviewers are treated like everyday users, Jojoy acknowledges the value of such contributors and even offers them the Jojoy Reviewers Badge. This award is usually given to constant reviewers and makes your opinion on any application more valid to other users.

No Registration Required


The Jojoy APK doesn’t need you to create an account or sign in to be able to download and install any mod on the platform. Anyone can open the app and once they’ve found their desired software, download it free of charge. However, you need to sign in to your JoyJoy account first to upload a mod, request a mod, and write an app review. Your contributions and requests will have a designated origin or creator, allowing you to get direct feedback. Furthermore, you can opt to sign up using either your email or phone number.

Edit Profile


Jojoy allows users to edit their profiles. You can choose a nickname for yourself, set your date of birth and gender. You can also change the profile image to anything you want. This profile will be public for all users, including your followers. You can also see how many followers you have, whom you’re following, and the number of likes you’ve received on the platform.

Safe Downloads


Every file, mod, or official application found on Jojoy has passed through a thorough screening to ensure non of them carries any virus or malware that can harm the users’ device. Therefore, every app or mod you download is safe for use without risks. Furthermore, you can always check users’ reviews regarding the safety of a specific mod.



Users can manage their downloads, installed apps, and games played from the library. You can even start recording your playtime to become a Jojoy game master.

Increased Gamer Exposure


The Jojoy team is looking to work with Indie developers and die-hard gaming fans to increase exposure to their creations. If you have developed unique games or desire to work with other developers, you can contact the team for more information. Similarly, fans who can create unique skins, mods, and private servers can also reach out to the team through the contact information provided for assistance.

How to Install Jojoy APK Latest Version on Android

As we are third-party developers, we only offer APK file of our App Store, which needs to be installed through a manual process. You will definitely understand it when you follow the below steps.

Step 1. Click on the Download button from the above section.

Step 2. Now, It will start downloading to your device storage.

Step 3. Once you see the completed status in your android device notification bar, you can tap on the APK file.

Step 4. Here, you may be redirected to the security setting page where you will need to allow from unknown sources option.

Step 5. Now, go back to Downloads folder and Install Jojoy APK file on android.


Step 6. It will take some time. Tap on open.


Download working apps and games based on the users rating.

Final Words

If you want to experience an entirely different app store experience that is sure to impress and gain you more exposure, you’re on the right track with the Jojoy APK. Consider switching from Play Store to Jojoy and discover the many exciting opportunities and savings you’ve missed. Once you get a taste of what this platform offers, you’d never want to go back to the old ways of purchasing premium apps and downloading ad-filled software.