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Moddroid APK App Store offers Mod Games and Premium Apps for Free

Have you heard of Moddroid before? I firmly believe you have already heard of this fantastic mod app and game website. Did you know that this team developed an Android App Store for users like us? If not, this article is for you. We have written the best article about the Moddroid App Store, which lets you know every feature and how to download an APK of it.

Well, Android is a great operating system for a smartphone. Because it provides not only awesome customisation but also allows third-party apps from other sources without strict restrictions, this is the reason why many android app stores come into the picture to serve various people around the world according to their needs.

Moddroid APK is one of them and exclusively developed for their website users at first and made it to the public after multiple requests. Now, it is available to everyone, and you can download the latest official APK file from this page.


What is Moddroid App Store?

Moddroid is an android app store which is the best rival to the HappyMod and Jojoy. It offers many android premium apps and modded games. Basically, these are reverse engineered by the internal team since we can’t put bets on the mods that are available on the internet. So, the end users no need to worry about the items that are listed in the store.

Also, for the developers, this is the only way to dodge viruses and malware. My point is all apps and games are safe.

The interesting thing is Moddroid is another app store from Jojoy Team. Our main intention is to spread our apps to as many as possible across the world. This way, users have free accessibility to paid features before purchasing them on the respective apps or games. So, they can easily decide whether to buy or not to support the developer.

App Details

DeveloperJojoy Team
Size25 MB
Last updatedJanuary 14, 2024

Download Moddroid APK App Store Latest Version for Android

Moddroid is like no other app store currently available in the market as it provides some unique features. My favourite ones are obviously Moddroid space, where you can read the latest specific game updates, and the Ranking section, which helps us to choose popular games right now.

So, download the latest APK from the below download link. It is an official link and is updated regularly.




Discover is something that we all need to find new items. When you open the discover tab, you will see options like Featured, Ranking and Categories. In these sections, you gonna find the apps that are currently trending worldwide and working mod of them. Just download them on your device to try.

My Games


My Games or apps tab allows us to just watch downloaded or installed or download items on your device. This is a kinda library to see how many items you have on your device or downloading to your device. It is also a helpful feature to track everything without going to the file manager.

Your Account


You can have an account with Moddroid. Yes, you can create an account with us using your email id or phone number. Just enter any one of them and verify using OTP or a unique link. That’s it now, you can have the privilege to upload mods, request new mods, and review games. A few more benefits that will be helpful.

By the way, a friendly reminder is we don’t use your email id or phone number for other purposes.



The user who has an account with us can able to make reviews for any item that is listed. So, if you want to tell a fellow user about any best app that you use, then make an account now. Reviews are the best in terms of finding the working app or game because you can decide whether to go for it or not by reading valid reviews of registered users.

Upload Mods


If you are a modder who likes to add new features or unlock existing features for just fun, then you have a great chance to showcase your work to the people who care most. All you just make an account with the Moddroid app store and upload your mods. We will check them before visible to the public.

But make sure you don’t add some malware code to mods. We generally disable their account if someone trying to do nasty stuff.

Wish for Mods


Wish for mods is a great feature for our users as well as developers. This feature let us develop mods for a particular game based on a number of requests. We consider modding when we receive many requests for a single item. Also, sometimes we do when there is popularity.

New Releases


This is the tab you should check when you made a request because you may see the requested mod under this section. Well, the new releases tab is mainly for the users who check what’s new in the Moddroid app store. So, download apps after reading reviews of it.

Search engine


We optimised the search engine to produce perfect results for your searches. Just enter the name of the app or game and it will suggest to you the best possible result. If you didn’t find any, then you better create an account with us and wish for the same.

Final Words

Moddroid App Store is currently the best android moddroid games store even you compared with the HappyMod. Also, Jojoy and Moddroid are like brothers. What I really mean is there are no big differences in between these two except color scheme.

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